Ten successful online marketing strategies


Written by Jose Omar Tinajero Morales


Master in Regional  Studies by the  Research Institutte Dr. Jose Maria Luis Mora




Digital marketing is an option that currently working on enterprises so it is important to dominate the market on street and on cyberspace. Internet has  different mass media logically, because it  has different strategies and tactics to get succees.




Many get confused and think that Cybermarketing is only social media, aliso is social network,  it is not accurate; through Cybermarketing can also perform market researching, segmentation, positioning, e-commerce, etc




Here are ten keys to build a successful media campaign Cybermarketing:




    1, Men must be above technology. The technological world is fascinating, it sometimes causes the insulation or pride, both trends are harmful to successfully undertaking.




You have to think first and principally on the other, the consumer, client  and user to meet the needs to be met.




    2. Summerizing  the media and the message, on the Internet  can reach million of people, however, it does not have the media characteristics, because it is interactive and personalized.




    3. To succeed on Internet is essential to know and dominate the market. Internet gives you many possibilities to make a heuristic work, marketing researches and positioning. Researches and planning are the two main ingredients that make businesses grow and carry out.




   4.  And speed change is imposed. It is essential to be constantly updated through training. Everything is perfectible, because you don’t  have to wait until everything is perfect to launch out a product or service, as such software can be upgraded to improve it. The important thing is that you are the first to launch a product or service on the market, remember who hits first hits twice.




   5.  To succeed in the new economy technology fall in love about learning the business world. Large employers have found  how to get wealth, money and technology to work for the system, which is the company to achieve higher productivity, competitiveness, quality, revenue and profits. Universities have neglected to teach students how to move in the business world, they know how to produce, but not how to sell products and services.




    6. To succeed on the Internet do what you liked and which in turn appeals to others, for that you need to know their potential and know what the market wants.  the product or service you and your customers and clients need.




     7.  Internet business is to gain from e-commerce. You can tell a lot about what you enjoy doing, you can produce some wonderful but a competitive live about its sales. Internet open the possibility of the electronic marketing and the  integrated tools to sell online: website, online store and, payment system.




    8.Getting Team with the best, right networks. real networks with people who either work in your company or you can work with  externally, teamwork is what allows to go further, through a synergistic relationship, that is, win-win.




    9. Take advantage of Internet it is a space to create quality contents, which can be rolling on advertising for your company or your sponsors. Quality content is more than the design.




    10. Create networked system: your page, blog, email, social networks, e-shop are interrelated througth hyperlinks and develop synergy.






The strategies to be followed in the Cybermarketing must be integrated into your business plan to achieve a systemic view that allows you to get a better performance.





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